World Championship Cheese Contest Announces Top 20 Cheeses


Madison, Wisconsin – Out of a record-breaking 3,667 entries in the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest, just 20 cheeses remain in the hunt for the title: World Champion Cheese. The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, which proudly hosts the biennial competition, is now pleased to announce – in order of class number – the names and makers of the cheeses being judged for the top prize.


Class 5: Cheddar, Aged Two Years or Longer
Cheese Name: Agropur Grand Cheddar 3 Years
Maker: Agropur
Company: Agropur
Location: Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada


Class 7: Traditional Waxed Cheddar, Sharp to Aged
Cheese Name: English Hollow Cheddar
Maker: Maple Leaf Cheesemaking Team
Company: Maple Leaf Cheesemakers, Inc.
Location: Monroe, Wisconsin, United States


Class 29: Parmesan
Cheese Name: Parmigiano-Reggiano
Maker: Team Il Re
Company: Royal A-ware (Netherlands)
Location: Italy


Class 35: Gorgonzola
Cheese Name: Roth Gorgonzola Cheese
Maker: Team Emmi Roth-Seymour
Company: Emmi Roth
Location: Seymour, Wisconsin, United States


Class 37: Blue Veined Cheeses with Exterior Molding
Cheese Name: Cambozola Black
Maker: Champignon North America, Inc.
Company: Käserei Champignon
Location: Lauben, Bavaria, Germany


Class 39: Gouda, Young (0-4 months)
Cheese Name: Holland Master, North-Holland Gouda Mild, PGI
Maker: Team Lutjewinkel
Company: Royal FrieslandCampina-Export
Location: Lutjewinkel, Netherlands


Class 40: Gouda, Mature (4-10 months)
Cheese Name: Lutjewinkel Noord Hollandse Gouda PDO
Maker: Team Lutjewiinkel
Company: Royal FrieslandCampina-Export
Location: Lutjewinkel, Netherlands


Class 43: Gouda, Smoked
Cheese Name: Marieke Gouda Smoked Cumin
Maker: Marieke Gouda Team
Company: Marieke Gouda
Location: Thorp, Wisconsin, United States


Class 47: Open Class: Soft Ripened Cheeses, Flavored
Cheese Name: Lait Bloomer
Maker: Murray’s Cheese & Jasper Hill
Company: Murray’s Cheese & Jasper Hill;
Location: Long Island City, New York, United States


Class 48: Latin American Style Fresh Cheeses
Cheese Name: Queso Panela
Maker: El Mexicano
Company: Marquez Brothers International, INC
Location: Hanford, California, United States


Class 51: Gruyere
Cheese Name: Gourmino Le Gruyère AOP
Maker: Michael Spycher, Mountain Dairy Fritzenhaus
Company: Gourmino AG
Location: Urtenen-Schoenbuehl, Bern, Switzerland

Class 53: Open Class: Alpine Cheeses

Cheese Name: Le Maréchal 
Maker: Fromagerie Le Maréchal SA
Company: Fromagerie Le Maréchal SA
Location: Granges-Marnard, Vaud, Switzerland


Class 56: Washed Rind/Smear Ripened Semi-soft (Semi-hard)
Cheeses (6 months and longer)
Cheese Name: Alter Fritz
Maker: Hardegger Käse AG
Company: Hardegger Käse AG
Location: Jonschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland


Class 67: Open Class: Hard Cheeses
Cheese Name: Gallus Grand CRU
Maker: Hardegger Käse AG
Company: Hardegger Käse AG
Location: Jonschwil, St. Gallen, Switzerland


Class 68: Open Class: Hard Cheeses with Natural Rind
Cheese Name: St. Malachi Reserves
Maker: Team Doe Run
Company: The Farm at Doe Run
Location: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States


Class 74: Reduced Fat Soft & Semi-soft Cheeses
Cheese Name: Milner 30+ Extra Matured
Maker: Team Steenderen
Company: Royal FrieslandCampaina-Export
Location: Steenderen, Netherlands


Class 75: Reduced Fat Hard Cheeses
Cheese Name: Beemster Lite Old 30+
Company: Beemster
Location: Westbeemster, Netherlands


Class 91: Hard Goat’s Milk Cheeses
Cheese Name: Old Amsterdam Aged Goat Gouda
Maker: Old Amsterdam
Company: Westland Kaasexport BV
Location: Huizen, Netherlands

Class 93: Washed Rind/Smear Ripened Goat’s Milk Cheeses
Cheese Name: Highlander
Maker: Jasper Hill Farm
Company: Cellars at Jasper Hill
Location: Greensboro, Vermont, United States


Class 104: Hard Mixed Milk Cheeses (0-6 months)
Cheese Name: Iberico Mixed Milk Hard Cheese
Maker: Miguel Angel García-Baquero
Company: Lacteas García Baquero, S. A.
Location: Alcazar De San Juan, Spain


The 2020 World Champion Cheese will be named on Thursday night at Cheese Champion, the Contest’s crowning event, at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is sold out, but the announcement can be viewed via Facebook Live on the World Championship Cheese Contest page at 8:15 p.m. (CT). 

The World Championship Cheese Contest, initiated in 1957, is the largest technical cheese, butter, yogurt, and dry dairy ingredient competition in the world. For
more information, including complete results for all entry classes, visit